Axis has come out with a new Lightning Primer (APR3510-1).  It has excellent adhesion to multiple substrates with and easy 4:1 mix. It has very fast cycle times! - 3 hours from primer to buffing per panel using AXIS LIGHTNING (ACL3510-1) Primer & Clear. 

MP-210 Direct-to-Metal Sealer is a premium “Coast to Coast” compliant DTM sealer offering smooth application over a wide range of conditions. This product provides good adhesion, excellent durability, corrosion resistance and can be used directly on almost any substrate. MP-210 DTM Sealer is designed for use under any of Matrix System’s solvent basecoats. 

We are proud to say that we are now carrying the Spray Max line. Spray Max has come out with 2K primers, 2K clears, 1K primers, and 1K clears. We can custom match any factory or custom paint and put it in an aerosol can. Whether you need it for touch-ups or small jobs we have your aerosol needs covered.

POR-15® Strip Gel provides a superior aircraft-grade formulation resulting in a highly effective paint remover that quickly lifts the toughest automotive coatings from metal surfaces. Its heavy-bodied consistency provides excellent vertical hold perfect for upright and difficult to reposition projects. The Strip Gel formula is safe for all types of automotive metal.
• Results in 5 Minutes
• Thick Gel Formula for Vertical Surfaces
• Removes Multiple Layers of Automotive/Industrial Paints and Finishes
• For Professional Use

Shake. Spray. Dominate. They say it’s not about the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog. Bad news for the other dogs, Dominator has both. Urethane-based Dominator Truck Bed Liner features superior coverage, outstanding chalking resistance, easy application, tintable formula option and sets a new standard in resin technology for unmatched toughness, solvent resistance and durability. Dominate the road or jobsite today.